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Microman 2004 Series

Material Force Series Toys R Us Exclusive Microman M-05 Sur (Yellow) (4/27/04)


Microman 2004





Series 1  - 2nd Run (2/04)

M-01 Obsidian (Black)

M-02 Cloud (White)

M-03 Rover (Flesh)

M-04 Core (Red)


Series 2 (4/28/04)
M-05 Sur (Yellow)


Series 3 (7/21/04)
M-06 Turso (Dark Blue)

M-05 Sur


Material Force M-05 Sur (Yellow) came in the same style package as the previous Material Forces (2nd run). The figure was sold as Toys R Us exclusive.




Material Force also came with extra set of hands. Takara now included "hand- holder" to keep these little buggers in place when not in used.

Takara Material Force series was design for fans and collectors to create their own custom Microman figure using the "blank" core body (i.e. "materials") provided by Takara. The initial test series were sold exclusively at Toys R Us in Japan and they were sold out in very short period of time. Takara, then, released the 2nd run of Material Force series 1 in February of 2004, and these were also quickly snapped up by both custom builders and Microman collectors alike. Takara saw the popularity and market for these basic core (not to mention easy way to put out more products) and announce more members (i.e. new colors) for the Material Force line. The first new color M-05 Sur (Yellow) was released solo in April of 2004. Takara had previously given these blank shell figures story and name and now they even included designation number to make them more "official" part of Microman 2004 line-up.

Material Force M-05 Sur came with new catalog insert. Like the previous four Material Force figures, Takara had included some background information on Sur to keep him from being just another yellow figure.  M-05 Sur was full flede "Microman" with designation number and even a name. (A clever but effective ploy to sell more of these "blank" figures).