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1980 Blizzard Year

1980 Microman Punch Series

Microman Punch P.01 Joe, P.02 Rocky, P.03 Silver & P.04 Antonio (c.1980)


Each Punch Microman came in foam box with small window.  The box basic design was the same for all four Punch Microman.


Each Punch Microman came with armor set.  P01 & P.03 came with blue armor with red helmet and P.02 & P.04 came with red armor with blue helmet.  Takara also included metal stand with each figures.  (The stands were color match to their helmets)  Each figure also came with a chrome staff.

Blue Armor (P.01 & P.03)

Red Armor (P.02 & P.04)


Punch Microman has the 5 mm port. Below the port is the button that activated their "Punch" features.

Microman Punch along with the Microman Blizzard were the last Microman figures released by Takara for the original Microman line.  The Microman Punch showed the sign of changing toy market as evidence by the significant change in Microman design.   Microman Punch stood slightly taller than the Titan.  Beside the increase in size, Punch also had very difference in look from the previous Microman series.  Their bodies were done in metallic much like Micro Knight (actually they came in the same assortment of colors as the Micro Knights)  Punch Microman no longer had the usual Microman hands & cuff and they were replaced by more steady  big gloved hands.  Each Punch also had action features, when the button in the back is activated, the arm would  swing.  The odd number (P.01 & P.03) do the Karate chop and the even number (P.02 & P.04) throw an uppercut. 

Another feature of Microman Punch were the magnetic feet and chest. Magnet power seem to be the theme of this year Microman since all Death Marck toys also have this feature.  Microman Punch also came with set of armor - one red and one blue that can be attach to their magnetic chests.  The odd number member came with a blue armor and the even number member came with the red one.  Each also came with a metal figure stand.  (The magnet feature is very interesting since it's tie in with the later 1999 Magne Power Microman)

An interesting side note - Punch Microman were former Microman that were rebuilt into Punch Microman.   One can easily see that the Punch Microman were no longer cyborg but a totally rebuilt mechanical being.  Punch have angular face much like computer generated face image of the early 80's which  consisted of several polygon shapes somehow suggested that they were more like machine now.

P.04 Antonio (black) formerly Microman M112 Barnes.  

Barnes along with M111 Bobson, volunteered for the Punch Project Experiment.  The M11X Types undergone the most evolution than any other Microman therefore their bodies were more mechanical which made them perfect candidates for Punch Experiment.

P.01 Joe (copper) formerly Rescue Microman M253 Richard

P.02 Rocky (blue) formerly Rescue Microman M263 James

P.03 Silver (silver) formerly Rescue Microman M273 Leonard.

Takara also released P.05 Magnum as  pack in figure for Punch Robo and P.06 Hulk as pack in figure for Punch Jet.

Punch Story

Microman Punch bulky armors are to protect them from the super-weapon plasma ray that was being used by Interstellar Death King.  The armor also gave them 100 times the strength of normal Microman.   Interstellar Death King used Plasma Ray to destroy the new Conning Tower and severely damaged M253, M253, M273 & M283. (Note they were all the third member of the Rescue crew)  M111 & M112 volunteer to become Microman Punch since they were already mostly make up of mechanical organs.   M111 was rebuild into P.06 to interface with Punch Machine (he later piloted Punch Jet), his successful operation led to rebuild of damage M283 Clark into P.05 Magnum to interface with Punch Machine (Punch Robo).  After successful operations on the M111 & M112, the severely damage Rescue Microman were then revived as Microman Punch.