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1981 New Microman MicroRobot Series - R4 - R8 MicroRobot V & MicroRobot V Real Type (c.1981)

MicroRobot V Box Set

MicroRobot V Real Type Box Set


Real Type MicroRobot V & Regular Type MicroRobot V

Takara released second MicroRobot Set during the first year of New Microman.  Unlike the first MicroRobot set (R1-R3) which are self-transformation type robot, MicroRobot V set are gestalt or combines type.   MicroRobot V consists of R4 to R8, five mini mecha robot that can combine to form one bigger robot.  MicroRobot V are typical of New Microman MicroRobot, they have very limited articulations and average about 2-3 inches tall. Looking at MicroRobot V one can see that the hint of thing to come like the Transformers Constructicon and AirialBots.

Closed up view of MicroRobot V, (it's only about 8" tall)

R4 MicroPython & R5 MicroRandall

R7 MicroMuzzle , R6 MicroBazooka & R8 MicroMagnum

MicroRobot V, like the previous MicroRobot 1,2 & 3, were available as a box set and also as individually figure.  MicroRobot V also comes in "Real Type" color scheme (which only available in a box set).  The "Real Type" has more subdue, flat military color tone.  Real Type MicroRobot V also come with an extra clear decal sheet to make it more authentic looking.

Each MicroRobot V can also transform into a gun turret for Microman figure, hence their gun-like name.  Top row: R4 & R5 ; Bottom row R7, R6 & R8

Each MicroRobots also come with a weapon (3mm joint).  The weapon for R 6, R7 & R8 can also be used as a missile for the gun turret.