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1981 New Microman

1981 New Microman Series

Armored Suit Series - Mighty Suit 3 with M005 Oruga (c.1981)


Mighty Suit came in New Microman style box with small windows.


Mighty Suit 3 came with M005 Oruga.  The early version of Mighty Suit 3 came with red and black figure which was basically M171 with new green plastic chest piece.  Around this time there was a concern that glow-in-the dark part might be harmful so that was probably why Takara switched to plain green color plastic. Since Mighty Suits were one of the earliest toys to come out for New Microman, the figures that came with them were probably left over stock of the Original Series repackaged with minor changed (new stickers or new chest piece in case of M005). 

Each Mighty Suit came with an endoskeleton where the Mighty Suit can be stored while not being used by Microman.  Each Mighty Suit came with its own unique endoskeleton body.

Mighty Suits were the first in the armored suits series of toys that would be released for New Microman line. Mighty Suits were the smallest of all the armored suits.  The design for Mighty Suit was probably the expansion on the idea of the Power-Up Sets that were released during the end of Rescue Series coupled with the new emerging trend of exo-suits.

New Microman Mighty Suits were basically snap on set of armors for Microman figures. (Similar to the recent Shining Tector Armor for LED Power Microman line)  Takara released three different suits simply call Mighty Suits 1, 2 and 3.   Each Mighty Suits came with a New Microman figure - Suit # 1 came with M002, Suit # 2 came with M003 and Suit # 3 came with M005.  (See also New Microman Series - Mighty Suit #1 and Mighty Suit #2)

Remodeling Project

Takara would later released Mighty Suits as part of "Remodeling Project" series.  These suits came as model kit and mold in white plastic so they can be paint using plastic model paints.


Mighty Suit 3

The Suit came complete with 5mm port in the back.

Mighty Suits were very nice looking toys but the suit design really hampered and limited the articulation of the figure not to mention the fact that they keep snapping out of the figure.  Each suits came with roller skates that fit onto Microman 5mm port in their feet.  Mighty Suit 3 came with missile launcher that fit into the front of the suit.   The launcher is fairly big and made the suit quite unstable.

The Mighty Suit Story 

Microman M002, M003 and M005 build three set of armored suits call Mighty Suits in anticipation of Acroyear attack.  When Acroyear showed up on Earth, the three Microman done their new Mighty Suits and chased Acroyears away to another dimension.