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1976 Microman Series / Robotman Series

Micro Robotman - Green Mini-Robotman (c.1976)


Mini-Robotman came in miniature version of Robotman box.   Note the box top actually had the toy's name in English as "Micro Robot-man"


Along with the die-cast wheel backpack, Mini-Robotman also came with a set of chrome accessories to transform Mini-Robotman into drill tank just like the big version.

Mini-Robotman in mole mode using the drill and wheels accessories.

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Released in 1976, Mini-Robotman or Micro-Robotman was one of the rarer Microman figures from the original series.   This was probably because unlike most other Microman figures, Mini-Robotman was only produced for short period of time.

Mini-Robotman or Micro-Robotman was, as its name suggested, a "micro-nized" version of Robotman.  Since Robotman was originally released as a separate line that connect to Microman via the idea of Victory Project, Mini-Robotman was probably design along the same concept as Microman Geeg and Gakeen, a Microman version of popular character from another toy line own by Takara.  Instead of miniature version of Magnemo toys, this time it's miniature version of toy from Robotman line.

Green Mini-Robotman in Drill Tank mode

There were three versions of Mini-Robotman released by Takara - green, red and blue.   Like Microman Geeg and Gakeen, Takara did not give these figures designation number.   The main body of Mini-Robotman was made from die-cast parts and the figures came with chrome drill and dozer accessories.   The back had the 5mm port complete with the wheel accessory to simulate the caterpillar treads on the full size Robotman.  The wheel pack was made from die-cast.

There was no background story to Mini-Robotman beside the one found in Romando's Zero Zero paper which suggested that these little miniature Robotman were androids build by Microman and they would later became prototype for Microman MicroKnight (MC1-3)

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Replica Mini-Robotman?

There was a rumor that Mini-Robotman would be reissued by Takara as part of Replica Series.  Takara never did confirm it as possible product, but from several indications the rumor probably was true.  Head of Takara Replica Series had always wanted to reproduced Microman Geeg and they did Micro Devilman, so Mini-Robotman would have fit in nicely into the character tie-in theme not to mention the recently reissued Robotman.  This, coupled with the fact that there were suddenly several Mini-Robotman figures up for sale in Japan made the rumor likely to be true.   Unfortunately with the poor sale of reissue Robotman and Replica Microman series, Takara had decided to suspend all plan for anymore Microman toys at this time.

Green Mini-Robotman. The figure had light green die-cast body with dark green arms and legs 

Green Mini-Robotman (back)


Mini-Robotman in Dozer mode

Takara released three versions of Mini-Robotman - green, red and blue.  Below is the blue version. (picture - Bullmark.com)