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1980 Blizzard Year

1980 Punch Microman Series

Punch Jet with Punch Microman P.06 Hulk (c.1980)



Punch Jet included exclusive green chrome Microman Punch P.06 Hulk.  P.06 was formerly M111 Bobson.

(See also Punch Machines - Punch Robo)

Punch Jet was one of the last small vehicle released by Takara for the original Microman line  Punch Jet featured the multiple hinges design and magnet block common with the playset and vehicles released during the Punch Series. 

Punch Jet came with an exclusive Punch Microman call P.06 Hulk.  He is metallic green (Hulk) and came with armor that can be attach via magnet in his chest and a mask.    The figure also have magnet in his feet.    The Punch Microman were the Microman that has been rebuild using the new Punch Technology.   P.06 Hulk was formerly Microman M111 Bobson.  M111 and M112 volunteered themselves for Punch Project experiment in which severely injured Microman could be rebuild into Punch Microman.