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2001 Replica Microman Series

MicroHoodman H70X Type - H701, H702 & H703 (4/2001)

MicroHoodman H71X Type - H711, H712 & H713 (4/2001)


Replica H70X type case

Replica H71X type case

Replica H70X and H71X actually came in the later Police Keeper and H72X series style case.  The vintage case for H70X and H71X had silver Hoodman lettering embossed in place of the sticker on the upper left corner.  Also the lid had MicroHoodman engrave on it (the replica version has clear sticker to simulate the lettering).  Takara probably used the later case to save cost of actually reproduce the vintage style case and this particular case can be used for Police Keeper and H72X type.

Each figure came in plastic baggie seal with white label.  The label had the company information, barcode and the figure name and designation.  (Similar to Replica MicroKnight packaging)  


Each Hoodman came with Hood armor and wing.  H70X came with yellow Hood and H71X came with blue hood. The two Hoods, like the figures, appeared to came from old molds which made them nearly identical to the original vintage version.

The Hood armor was inspired by astronaut suits.

Takara, regrettably, did not include figure stand with Replica MicroHoodman.


Takara re-issued MicroHoodman series as part of Replica Microman line in spring of 2001.  H70X type and H71X type were released together in April and H72X would be available in late May or early June. 

Takara's decision to re-issue MicroHoodman came as a bit of a surprise because Hoodman was never deem to be on top of the Replica Series wish-list.  The main factor for the re-issue of Hoodman was probably because Takara still had most of the original molds to produce the figure.  Replica Series Hoodman were nearly identical to the original and appeared to came from the old molds.  The only part that was slightly difference was the ankle piece.  The body, head, arm and both Hoods seemed to come from the same mold as the vintage toys.  The colors were very closed to the original with slight variation on some parts.

The Right Stuff or just Short Stuff?

Hoodman are not particularly popular with many US collectors due to their small size and painted face (which made them almost out of place standing next to Micronauts or even Microman.)  These figures, however, are actually very beautiful and offer a nice diversion to the usual chrome head Micro-figures.  Also at the Replica Series price point, these figures, which are almost exact replica of the original, are quite a steal.   With these Replica Hoodman, one basically get the figures that are identical to the vintage figures but in brand new conditions and at a mere fraction of what vintage one would cost.  MicroHoodman would also make a nice addition to Mange Power and LED Power collection since they are somewhat related to Microman Arthur and the gang.  Hoodman Hans (H701) was shown on anime series and introduced as mentor to Microman Edison.  Magne Microman actually came from one of the Micro Earth colony build by MicroHoodman and not the original Micro Earth. 

MicroHoodman Arrival from Space

Takara introduced MicroHoodman as space-faring explorer that set out from Micro-Earth long ago before the catastrophic explosion.  Hoodman traveled through space in their giant space ship named RCB Noah.  They soon discovered that they were running out of foods and resources so they shrunk themselves down to 8cm size from the normal human size (about 1/20 scale).  (Remember all Microman were, at one time, the same size as Earth human before the explosion and alpha H-7 radiation)  Hoodman were normal "(micro)-man" and did not undergo the automatic evolution like those that escaped from Micro-Earth after the explosion.  Hoodman build Hood armor to allow them to function in hash environment of space and also act as protective gear.   MicroHoodman build several space colonies (called Micro-Earth X where X is the number of the colony) during their travel.  They later detected the alpha H-7 Radiation Wave travel through space (from Micro-Earth explosion) Hoodman plotted the course of the radiation which led them to Earth.  MicroHoodman then joined force with Microman on Earth to fight against Acroyears and newly arrived Satan Ardens (whose world was also ravaged by alpha H-7 that headed for Earth). 

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H701 Hans

H702 Regan

H703 Heimlich

H711 Shultz

H712 Rudolf

H713 Earhart