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1979 Rescue

1979 Rescue Microman Series

Rescue Command 1-2 Set with Rescue Crew M261 Chris and Amazon Monster Mushikeller (c.1979)


Rescue Command 1-2 box set.


Rescue 1-2 Set came with the same accessories as the individual Jetter and Bongo toys.  However, the set came with different pack-in figures.  Instead of M251 Robin that came with Jetter, Takara instead included Mushikeller

Amazon Monster MushikellerAmazon monster is a simple vinyl figure.

 M261 Chris (vintage)

Takara released Rescue Command 1-2 box set in 1979.  The set included the two Rescue Command vehicles - Rescue 1 Jetter and Rescue 2 Bongo together in one box.  The set came with two complete vehicles along with all the accessories that were included in the individual package versions.  The set, however, came with one Microman figure M261 Chris (which was sold with Bongo) and one Amazon Monster Mushikeller instead of M251 Robin.  Mushikeller was a vinyl figure that sold with Amazon Acroyear A371 Blue Commander.   This marked the first (and only) time that Takara actually included a villain figure with Microman vehicle play-set.

Rescue Command 1-2

Rescue Command 1-2 was simply a combination of Rescue Jetter and Rescue Bongo.  When the rear section of Jetter was removed, Bongo could be dock into the rear section.  Jetter rear section contained groove which allowed it to hold Bongo in placed.  This was base on the idea that Bongo would be used as all-terrain rescue vehicle while Jetter would be used as a lifter to transport Rescue Bongo.  Takara probably released Rescue 1-2 as a set in anticipation of the upcoming Rescue 3-4-5 set.

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