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1979 Rescue

1979 Rescue Microman Series

Microman Rescue Machine Series - Rescue 1 Jetter with M251 Robin (c.1979)


Rescue 1 Jetter was packaged in small box with window slit for viewing the figure.  The package feature the familiar artwork of Moritou from Microman manga (comic).


Jetter came with two extra alternate harpoon heads.

 M251 Robin (vintage)

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Takara released Rescue 1 Jetter during the first half of 1979.  Jetter was the first in the Rescue Machine Series.   The toy was released along with its companion piece - Rescue 2 Bongo.  Takara also released Rescue 1-2 Box set which consisted of Rescue Jetter and Rescue Bongo together in one box. 

Rescue Jetter was design as aerial rescue vehicle.    Jetter 1 came with harpoon gun and extendable claw (similar to Robotman hands) in the front.  Jetter 1 also came with fold up rear cargo section.  The cargo section can be removed and allowed Rescue Bongo to dock with Jetter.  The vehicle was mold in dark blue color with red trim for the lower half, wings, cargo section, and harpoon.

Rescue Jetter came with M251 Robin, a Rescue Crew Microman.  Takara also included two alternate heads for the harpoon.   Jetter featured 5mm system and was fully interchangeable with other Microman toys.