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1979 Rescue

1979 Microman Rescue Series

Rescue Machine - Rescue Bird 3-4-5 (c.1975)


Rescue 3-4-5 came in the familiar light blue Rescue Series box.  However, like all the second term toys, the package no longer features Microman manga artworks that were so prominent on all the first term products (toys that were released during the first half of 1979)


Like most of the toys released during the second half of 1979, Rescue 3-4-5 came with an exclusive pack-in figure - a green M275 Richard.  He was nearly identical to M272 Leon but came with black pelvic and shin guards instead of white.

Takara included a bonus vehicle call "Secret Machine" which look like a Rescue Microman tribute to one of the first Microman Machines - Hot Roader. Secret Machine can be launch from the back of the Rescue 4 which has a catapult unit built into the rear door.

3-4-5 came with several accessories for the Bird Base to turn it into a mobile headquarters for Rescue Microman.  The accessories included two seats and several connector parts.


Takara released Rescue 3-4-5 during the second half of 1979 as a follow up to the Rescue 1-2 Jetter and Bongo.  Unlike the Rescue Command Jetter and Bongo which were two different vehicles that can be combined , the Rescue 3-4-5 was actually one vehicle that separated into three separate units - Bird Jet, Bird Base and Bird Heli.


Rescue Machine 3-4-5

Rescue 3-4-5 is a lot bigger than the previous two Rescue Machines.  The vehicle is design as a mobile transport unit.  The front section is style after a cargo-lift type jet, the main body is a big trailer container type unit, and the last one is a remote control scout helicopter. 


Rescue 3 Bird Jet

Rescue 3 Bird Jet consisted of the front cockpit section and the two engine pods.  When in separation mode, Blade Jet can lowers two long landing gears from the engine pods and a small nose gear.  The jet is very beautifully design and was obviously inspire by real world military aircraft.  The nose section has highly detail panel outline complete with two air intakes and small canard wings.  The two engines also have spring-load missile that can be shoot out by pushing down on the red ventral fins.   While this it is kind of neat to have the "fire button" double as a fin, it does however cause a lot of "accidental" firing of the missiles.  The wings and engine pods feature extensive used of 5mm ports and connectors and made this part very interchangeable.   The 3-4-5 was probably the last of the truly interchangeable toys to come out for the Original Microman line.

Rescue 4 Bird Base

Rescue 4 Bird Base is a container cargo vehicle (with 12 wheels!)  The unit can be open up to reveal a mobile base inside.  The base can be used to store Rescue 5 Bird Heli.  Bird Base, like Bird Jet, features several 5mm ports and made it extremely interchangeable.  Takara included several accessories to "customize" the Bird Base.

Rescue 5 Bird Heli

The last Rescue unit - Rescue 5 Bird Heli is just a small helicopter unit which look almost out of place with the other two units.  Bird Heli appeared to be design as a remote control scout unit.  Bird Heli does not have any 5mm connector and the unit just simply sit on top of Rescue 4.  The blades of Bird Heli turn when the helicopter is moving.   Bird Heli appeared to be an afterthought piece that Takara added to the toys.  It has no interaction with the other two units beside the fact that it can be conceal inside Rescue 4.