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1980 Blizzard

1980 Microman Series

Rolling Thunder  with M254? (c.1980)


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Rolling Thunder can be extended into two sections by using the magnet blocks and crane parts.

Rolling Thunder is fully motorized.

Exclusive Figure

Exclusive M254

Rolling Thunder was released during the final year of original Microman series.  It was probably one of the most unique and beautiful looking of all the Microman vehicles.  Rolling Thunder featured beautiful six chrome ball-type wheels and motorized body with clear red dome canopy.  The vehicle used hinge type crane arm and magnetic blocks gimmicks typical of the Punch Series toys.

Rolling Thunder

The Rolling Thunder came with an exclusive colors Rescue Microman M25X type.  Takara did not give the figure name or code number.  The figure was reproduced and named M254 Wayne by Romando in 1997.  The original figure have "Microman" sticker on his chest which was omitted by Romando.

Rolling Thunder crane section is connected via magnet blocks.  The saucer section can be open to seat additional Microman figure.  The crane and saucer are connect by flat metal disk and allow them to rotate 360 degrees.  The vehicle is fully motorized with the center motor driven wheels mount slightly off-center so when the vehicle move it appear to be "bounce" up and down to simulate rough-terrain movement.  Rolling Thunder also has several 5mm pegs for Microman to stand on and several 5mm ports to interact with other Microman toys.