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Micro Heritage 

SCF : Takara SF Worlds ACT-1 Henshin Cyborg (10/2001)

SCF figure came package in this colorful box.  The box came well sealed and must be rip open to reveal the figure inside.

Standard figures

Silver Cyborg 1

Gold Cyborg 1

Blue Cyborg 1

Yellow King Walder

Purple King Walder

Green King Walder

Skeleton King's Throne

Clear Microman

Yellow Microman

Blue Microman

Orange Microman

Akira Katagai

Chase figures

Gray Cyborg 1 with weapons

Blue KW with weapons

Bonus figures

Robotbase (12 parts)

Clear Robotbase (12 parts)







ACT-1 of Takara SCF : Takara SF Worlds concentrated mainly on Takara first popular sci-fi line - the Henshin Cyborg.   ACT-1 consisted mostly with figurines from Henshin Cyborg line.   Nine of the sixteen figures came from Cyborg series with two of them being the chase figures (gray Cyborg1 and blue King Walder, both also came with the arm weapons).  Only four of the figures came from Microman line (the barefoot Microman) and one from Microman manga (young boy, Akira Katagai).  The two bonus figures came from Diaclone - a clear and a painted version of Diaclone Robotbase.   Like Transformers SCF, the bonus figures came as multiple parts distributed in each box (twelve parts in all to make one bonus figure).


A case of ACT-1 came with twelve boxes of SCF figures.   A normal case would contained full set of twelve standard figures, however some special cases would have one of the two chase figures (replacing one of the standard figures).   Some cases also contained the bonus figures.  The bonus figure (Diaclone Robotbase) came in twelve parts, with one part in each box.  A full case with bonus figure parts, generally, would give you one complete bonus figure in either the clear or colored version.   If the break down was the same as the recent SCF : Transformers ACT-4 then a carton of 10 cases would have 6 cases of just standard figures, 1 case with Gray Cyborg 1 chase figure, 1 Case with blue King Walder chase figure, 4 cases with clear Robotbase bonus figure and 4 cases with colored Robotbase bonus figure.  This would made the chase figures about 1:120.  (Note: the above breakdown was based on SCF: Transformers as reported by Rik Ruff)

SCF Dramatic Edition - "Escaped from Micro Earth"  - Clear Microman, Yellow Microman, Blue Microman and Orange Microman.  The figures are only about 1 1/2 inches tall.

SCF: Akira Katagai

Akira came with 5mm port which allowed him to ride inside Robotman toy's cockpit just like in the manga.

SCF: Super Cool Edition - Skeleton King in his Throne.   This was the largest figure in the SCF: SF Worlds ACT-1 set.  The throne alone was about 10 cm tall and came in five separate parts.

Bonus Figure

 Clear Robotbase.  The figure stood about 4 1/2 inches tall and made up of 12 separate parts.

Diaclone Robotbase (painted version).  The figure can be configured into the base mode just like the actual toys. 

SCF: Gold Cyborg1

SCF: Blue Cyborg 1

SCF: Silver Cyborg 1

SCF: Green King Walder

SCF: Yellow King Walder

The Chase Figures

SCF: Blue King Walder.  This was one of the two chase figure.  Blue Walder also came with two weapon arms - Hydra & Skull Gun.