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1979 Rescue

1979 Rescue Microman Series

Rescue Servo Man - Missiler with M252 William & Data with M262 Adam (c.1979)


Rescue Servo Man came package in window style box with artwork by Mr. Moritou which was very typical of first term Rescue Microman toys.


M252 William (vintage)

M262 Adam (vintage)

In early part of the Rescue Series, Takara had yet to use the exclusive Microman figure as a pack-in tactic.  The figures that came with play-sets such as these often could have been bought separately.  M252 & M262 were both sold individually as single figure in a capsule case. (See also 1979 Rescue Microman Series - M26X Type)

During the early part of 1979, Takara released two unusual sets of Microman figures call the Rescue Servo Man.  Each Servo-man set came with a Rescue Servo droid and a Rescue Microman.  The first set came with M252 William and a red droid with drill head call Missiler.  The second set was a blue R2-D2 style droid call Data which came with M262 Adam.  During the first half of the Rescue Series, Takara had yet to use the exclusive color Microman pack-in gimmick so this two Rescue Microman were also available for individual sale in the Rescue capsule case.

Missiler (with alternate head) and M252 William

Servo-man were droid companions build by Rescue Microman to aid them in their fight against the Acroyears.  The idea of the "side-kick" droid was made popular by Star Wars and the many of the subsequence sci-fi series that followed both in Japan and US.  After Star Wars it seems almost every sci-fi story must had some type of droid in it.  Microman, as it had done in the past, took whatever concept or fad that popular at the time and made them part of the line so these droids were probably Takara attempted to cash in on the droid-mania. 

Data and M262 Adam

Missiler and Data both used 5 mm system as connectors for their limbs.  Missiler came with drill like head that can be shot via spring load launcher.  Takara also include extra harpoon "head" for Missiler.  Data came with spring load missile launcher in his body.  Both droids had several 5mm ports which made them extremely versatile for interchangeable with other Microman toys.  Takara even had Missiler and Data combine with one another using 5mm connector on the box art.

 *** SPECIAL NOTE ***  

Bryan W. of Rescue Secret Base informed me that Data was based on the design of robot from 1973 Renji Matsumoto Space Cruiser Yamato series (Star Blazers in the US) called Analyzer.  Several sources also reported that Analyzer inspired the design of Star Wars R2D2 droid.

Servo-Man Missiler

Note the two 5mm ports in his back and a switch to fire off his drill head.

Servo-man Data

Note three 5mm ports and a hidden switch inside the back compartment.

Takara included extra missiles for both droids.  Missiler came with extra harpoon head and Data came with three chrome missiles.  Takara also included standard Rescue Microman Pulsar Shot gun with each Microman figure.