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1978 Police Keeper

1978 Microman Police Keeper Series

Police Keeper - Speed Jumper (c.1978)


There were two versions of Microman Speed Jumper - a red and a blue one. The packages were the same for both with just a small circle on the left side of the box denoted the color of toy inside.

Unreleased Toys

Here are the pictures of unreleased toys from 1979 Takara dealer catalog. 

Build Hoist

Build Laser

Build Droid (top) and Speed Laser (bottom)

The Build Series toys were probably meant to be part of the Build Crane, Build Bazooka and Build Lancer. (A Build toy for each of the remaining three Police Keeper members)

And Speed Laser was probably a companion piece to Speed Jumper.  

These toys were never produced most likely because of low demand (i.e. orders) from dealers due to the declining popularity of Microman line.

Microman Speed Jumper was the only friction vehicle released by Takara for Microman Police Keeper series.  Takara originally planed to release this vehicle along with its companion piece call Speed Laser (a cycle) for MicroHoodman series, however, because of declining Microman popularity several of the propose toys were cancel.  (Among them were Build Droid, Build Hoist, Build Laser and RCB Noah) The Speed Jumper ended up being release for Microman Police Keeper.

Red and blue Microman Police Keeper Speed Jumper.  Interestingly, they started out as MicroHoodman toys in the early dealer soliciting  catalog.

Speed Jumper was a pretty basic Microman style drag car along the line of the Cosmo Series with automatic ejection seat gimmick.  The front of Speed Jumper had small button which when hit a wall would eject the seat of the car (via tension loaded metal bar).   While this would seems like a strange thing to do to a Microman, there actually was reason behind it.  The toy was design for MicroHoodman originally and their Hood gear actually would provide the "ejected" figure with protection.  The idea was to eject the Hoodman who would still be protected by their Hood armor and perhaps launched them into Arden.  (Hoodman Hans did this in Microman manga where he loaded himself into Robot Machine Z Cannon and had Akira fired him a la human cannon ball at President Acroyear)  The cancel Speed Laser bike was also design along the same concept.  MicroHoodman would lay face down on the tricycle with their Hood acted as a ramming device. 

Speed Jumper ejected its driver