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MA-34 Supergirl


RETAIL PRICE : 1,300 Yen





MA-33 Superman Returns (7/06)


MA-34 Supergirl (7/06)


 MA-36 Superman (8/06)


 MA-37 Cyborg Superman (9/06)






Micro Action Series is essentially a licensed character using Microman Full Action Body format with no real tie to regular Microman line. (Unlike Kiguru and Material Force series which are somewhat part of the main line). Micro Action series have been very popular with action-figures collectors who otherwise do not collect Microman series. The characters for Action Series have been very diverse from Devilman to Superman Returns and with nice good mix of live-action, comic and anime characters. In 2006, Takara start several new sub-series for Micro Action line for the Votoms licensed, including DMZ (stands for Dual Model Zwie, Dual Model was the original Takara Votoms action-figures line) series and MAP (Micro Action Plus), a play-set series.



Ever since the release of the excellent Batman figure for Micro Action line back in 2004, fans have been looking forward for more DC comic characters to appear as Microman figure. In 2006, with the release of the new Superman movie, Takara produce four figures for Micro Action line from Superman series including movie version, comic version, Supergirl and Takara own Cyborg Superman.




Micro Action MA-34 Supergirl uses the new version 2 of Microlady Full Action Body. Unlike the Eva girls plug-suit, Supergirl body is completely ver.2 type. The new body offer a more feminine looking body with slimmer waist line. The main gripe about the new body is the new torso, particular the neck section. The neck part is now one piece design with a ball joint that the head gets plug into. The design looks great as far as hiding the connecting joint but it really limited the articulation. The neck now looks really stiff and disjoint from the shoulders and arms.



Microman Supergirl is a cross between the new modern day comic book with the less flashy Superman Returns color scheme. The suit is paint in metallic blue, while her cape is still bright red, her boots are in the subdue maroon red color. The sculpt is very nice, the cape design is a little clunky but looks good on the figure especially from the back. This would have been a great Supergirl figure if not for the poor paint job. The shoulder joints were left in flesh tone on all the figure and really detract from the figure.  Another painting problem is around the torso section, the edge of the torso is painted flesh tone over the metallic blue. The flesh tone doesn't cover up the blue and the torso section is left with ugly blue tinted flesh that also look very odd. I think this section is probably better off painted as gold trim all the way around instead of trying to pain a small section to represent exposed body.  Despite the painting errors, the figure is still very nice and if you can get some metallic blue paint from hobby shop to fix up the painting error then you will have a very good looking Supergirl figure.




MA-34 Supergirl

MA-34 Microman Supergirl depicted the modern day version of Superman's cousin.

Supergirl used the new Microlady Ver.2 body and comes with two set of hands, the old style articulate hands and the new "anime" fixed pose hands.

The set includes special Superman emblem display stand along with plastic rods and clips to pose her in flying action pose.