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MA-33 Superman (Returns Ver.)

RELEASE DATE : 7/23/2006

RETAIL PRICE : 1,300 Yen





MA-33 Superman Returns (7/06)


MA-34 Supergirl (7/06)


 MA-36 Superman (8/06)


 MA-37 Cyborg Superman (9/06)






Micro Action Series is essentially a licensed character using Microman Full Action Body format with no real tie to regular Microman line. (Unlike Kiguru and Material Force series which are somewhat part of the main line). Micro Action series have been very popular with action-figures collectors who otherwise do not collect Microman series. The characters for Action Series have been very diverse from Devilman to Superman Returns and with nice good mix of live-action, comic and anime characters. In 2006, Takara start several new sub-series for Micro Action line for the Votoms licensed, including DMZ (stands for Dual Model Zwie, Dual Model was the original Takara Votoms action-figures line) series and MAP (Micro Action Plus), a play-set series.


Ever since the release of the excellent Batman figure for Micro Action line back in 2004, fans have been looking forward for more DC comic characters to appear as Microman figure. In 2006, with the release of the new Superman movie, Takara produce four figures for Micro Action line from Superman series including movie version, comic version, Supergirl and Takara own Cyborg Superman.




Takara introduce a brand new body type dubbed "Microman Smart Body" for Microman line and this is the body used for Superman Returns version. The new body is a slimmer and more "anime" looking body for the male figure. This body is essentially a male version of the recently introduced Microlady Ver. 2 body. The male body, however, introduce a new neck design (one of the problem with the new Microlady Ver. 2 is the poor head articulation with the ball-joint head style). The Smart Body design instead used the similar peg style as the original Micro Action body but the neck is a separate piece that can be pivot up and down. While this design offer a larger range of motion, it also introduces unsightly gap between neck and chest section. The new body do offer a wider range of motions and great for customization due to the fact that all of the body parts can be easily taken apart just like Microlady ver.2. The body however feel a lot less solid than the original Microman Micro Action Body. The Smart Body, also like Microlady Ver. 2, comes with the new un-articulate fixed pose hands for a total of 10 extra sets of hands which frankly seems rather overkill. The new fixed pose hands however do look really good on the figure especially for static pose as the hands do not have the ugly pin joints and their sizes are much more proportion to the body.



Takara decided to use Superman (Returns Ver.) as a debut figure for the new "Smart Body". While Brandon Routh's Superman is not as bulk as the late Christopher Reeve's Superman, the "Smart Body" is definitely way too slim especially the waist and arms section. The figure end up looking more like "anime" version of Superman Returns or a Superboy figure. The head sculpt also leave a lot to be desire and made worst by the poor paint jobs. This is unfortunate because the figure is actually a very nice action-figure with nice joints, great cape design, and superb articulations (37 totals). The figure is very fun to pose and look nice display despite being a scrawny version of Man of Steele. Takara include special Superman figure stand with clear plastic posts and clips so the figure can be display as being "in-flight". The extra hands set and poseable cape also make for fun movie scene poses.



MA-33 Superman Returns 

This particular Superman is suppose to be based on Superman Returns movie, but the head sculpt and paint job make this more like "anime" version of the movie character.

Superman Returns Version came standard hands set and the new "anime" style fixed pose hands.

The set includes special Superman emblem display stand with posts and clip for "in-flight" pose.


Superman Returns