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1981 New Microman Series

The Ten Microman M001-M010


New Microman


New Microman Story

In a far universe existed a planet call Micro-Earth, a highly civilize world that locked in a war with the Acroyears race who were determined on conquer Micro-Earth and the universe.  Micro-Police Corp send signal to the Special Unit Microman to return to Micro-Earth from their patrol to stop the Acroyears who had just stolen the Dimension Generator.  While they approached Micro-Earth in their ship, they were surprised by sudden mysterious explosion that completely obliterated Micro-Earth. The Ten Microman then gave chase to the Acroyears who were making an escape to another dimension using the Dimension Generator. They soon found themselves on Earth and decided to make Earth their new home.  The Ten Microman allied themselves with kids on Earth to stop the Acroyears plan of universal domination.



The Ten Microman

When Takara reset Microman line in 1981, they completely did away with the original story and continuity but still used the same figures from the original series (which I am sure lead to many confusion with kids).  Takara simplified the series by selecting ten Microman from the Original Series and repackaged them as Special Unit Team.  Each Microman has simple designation of M-00X and unlike the old line each type represent a unique character.  A few of the early New Microman were left over stock from the previous series but most are all new colors that are unique to the reboot series.  With the exception of M-005, all the figures come with a chest sticker badge with letter "M". These stickers are unique to the figures that were sold individually in the capsule case and were omitted from most of the figures that were pack-in with vehicle. (The 7-2-1 Formation figures have "Triangle" sticker badge.)  Takara later would produced several color variants (usually sold with vehicles and play-set), unlike the Original Series, the variants in the New Microman were treated as the same character but in different color armor.



The New Capsules

The Ten Microman come in new style capsule.  The capsules are the same for all ten Microman and come in five colors - white, blue, red, yellow and black.  As far as I can tell, the capsule colors were not randomized and each figure came only in their specific color capsule, for example M-001 were only found in a white capsule. The capsule has Microman logo (in Japanese) embossed in the front along with slot for holding coins while the back has built-in belt clip so kid could take Microman with them and use it as coins dispenser. The new capsule also has interlocking tabs so capsules could be connected together.



The Ten Microman come with accessories that were included with their original release if there were any.  M-004 comes with the Anti-Gravity wings and M-005 comes with Cutter Bracelets and Rocket Wings while M-006, M-007, and M-008 come with the Pulsar Gun with Energy Pack.  M-009 and M-010 come with chrome Pulse Gun.


M001 Arom, M003 Uri and M002 Iriya


Microman Zone

Takara picked three Microman from the early series M10X, M11X and M12X types and re-designated them as M-001 Arom, M-002 Iriya and M-003 Uri.  Both of the Spy Magicians M13X and M14X didn't make the cut which made them much sought after until Roman-do and Takara reissued them.



M-001 Arom - expert in computer, calm and have level judgment.


M-001 is a clear green M10X type figure, which was also released back in 1980 as one of the two figures in Power-Up Rescue Set.  He has round badge "M" sticker on his chest.  The figures were sold with all four chest pieces (delta, wave, panel and meter) from the original M10X line but all in silver.  This was the only version of M-001 produced by Takara for the New Microman.


M-002 Iriya - genius, inventors, have a brilliant mind.


M-002 is a M11X type Microman and come in several color variations. Takara released black and yellow (M114 Blacky) and then later a red and black version for individual capsule sale version.  The black and yellow was pack-in with the Mighty Suit set.  Both of the versions have the new chest with chest sticker.  There is also exclusive orange and black version of M-002 that was included as part of Three Walker 7-2-1 Micro Robot set.


M-003 Uri - expert in martial art and fighting tactics. 


Black and yellow version of M-003 was sold in individual capsule, the color scheme is a nice compliment to the black and yellow version of M-002.  A red and white (same as M121 Mason) was sold as in the initial release of the capsule version and also as pack-in figure for Mighty Suit 2.  The blue body with black pelvic was exclusive to Four Walker 7-2-1 Formation Set.


M-004 Eiji and M-005 Oruga


The Commands

Takara picked two types from the Command series, the popular M15X Command 1 and M17X Command 3.  M-004 Eiji is dark blue and black and M-005 Oruga is red and black and then replaced with red and white schme (which interestingly is the color shcme of M17X prototype figure)  Takara replaced the glow in the dark pieces on both figure with plain color plastics.  M18X Command 2 would later appeared as the Eleventh Microman in 1983 as part of the Micro Change series.


Variants colors of Eiji sold as pack-in figure for Micro Ridor, Double Cannon Armor Suits and 7-2-1 Formation.


M-004 Eiji - excellent operator of Micro Ridor.


Eiji was sold in dark blue body and black in individual capsule packaging version.  The capsule version has "M" sticker badge (that look like a ribbon).  This same blue and black Eiji was also used as packed in figure with both Red and early Blue Micro Ridor.  A dark blue with while pelvic version was a pack-in figure for Red Double Cannon Armor Suit and dark red with black was a pack-in figure for Blue Double Cannon Armor Suit and later version of Blue Micro Ridor.  A unique black body variant with white pelvic of Eiji was sold with the 7-2-1 Formation box set.  Takara released special Golden Microman Eiji in 2000 as part of the Replica Series (He is the only New Microman to appear in the Replica Series).


Variants of M-005 Oruga, sold exclusively with Galac Sniper Armor Suits and the Mighty Suit #3.


M-005 Oruga - created the "Mighty Suits"  with M002 & M003.


M-005 Oruga was sold initially in red and black and then later red and white color scheme with green color (non-glow) chest piece for the capsule version.  Like the other two Commands, several variants of him were sold as pack-in figures.  A red body with black pelvic was sold with the Mighty Suit which like M-002 and M003 were probably left over stocks from the Original Series being used as pack-in figure for the Mighty Suit and the early capsule versions. Takara  later released dark red and black with blue chest piece and dark blue and white with red chest piece as pack-in figure for Galac Sniper Armor Suits.  Takara kept similar color schemes for the three Command figures in the subsequence years of the New Microman.


M-006 Kamui, M-007 Kirk and M008 Cleo


The Rescue Keepers

Takara re-released all the Rescue Microman series along with their precursor, the Police Keeper for the remaining five New Microman. M-006 is a yellow body with black color scheme M23X type, M-007 is a white body with somewhat unusual blue-gray pelvic M25X type, M-008 is orange body with black M26X (the only color scheme that was missing in the original line-up of M26X type), M-009 is dark green and black M27X and M-010 is sea blue M28X Type.


M-006 Kamui - lost his parents due to Acroyear, vows to avenge the destruction of Micro Earth.

Takara released only one version of M-006, the yellow and black. The figure was sold in the capsule and as pack-in for Micro Gander set but without the sticker badge.

M-007 Kirk - the most outgoing of the group, know how to make people laugh. 

Only version of M-007 that was sold by Takara is the white and blue M25X Type.  The figure was sold individually in the capsule and as pack in for Micro Gander vehicle but without the sticker.

M-009 and M-008 variants. These were sold as pack-in figure for Bull Sonics and Cosmic Fighter.

M-008 Cleo - interested in natural science. 

Cleo was first released as orange with black pelvic M26X type Rescue Microman with "M" sticker badge.  This figure was sold in the individual capsule along with as a pack in figure for Micro Gander vehicle.  A blue and black pelvic version was included as exclusive pack-in for Cosmic Fighter.

M-009 Kenji - good mechanic. 

Takara released a dark green M-009 for individual capsule sale with "M" sticker badge. Takara later released the figure in yellow and black as an exclusive pack-in for Blue Bull Sonic.  A light powder blue with black pelvic was included as pack-in figure for Red Bull Sonic.  (This figure was pack-in with exported version of Cosmic Fighter - the Invaceptron). A olive-drab figure (probably the rarest of the four) was a pack-in figure for Real Type version of the Bull Sonic.

M-009 Kenji and M-010 Corona

M-010 Corona - an elder of the group, brother to Kenji. 

Takara released only one version of Corona, a sea-blue color and sold only in capsule.



New Microman Series

The Ten Microman

Released : 5/1981

Retail Price : 480 Yen


New Microman were sold for 480 Yen and were released in 1981. Each was sold individually in the new style capsule case.


Instruction & Insert


Each figure comes with small folded catalog and instruction sheet. The early New Microman catalog still features Microman from the old series.


talos new Microman museum

The section of New Microman is made possible with the generous help from Talos Tsui (of the iconfactory) and his personal collection of New Microman from his childhood days.   It is amazing to find a collection with the complete set of all eleven New Microman figures still Mint in Capsules with all their accessories and instruction sheets.